Every Man㢀°ã¢ Ii Multivitamin 40+ 72 Tablets

Every Man㢀°ã¢ Ii Multivitamin 40+ 72 Tablets

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What is Every Man II Multivitamin? Every Man II Multivitamin works to support overall health and well-being along with system-specific benefits.* It supports cardiovascular health with fermented Vitamin D3 and provides nutrients to help maintain proper digestion, and also includes complementary organic Oregano, Fenugreek, and Hawthorn.* What does Every Man II Multivitamin do? Whole-food fermented minerals such as Selenium help to support a whole-body antioxidant response while promoting prostate health.* These multivitamins help provide heart and digestion support.* Certified Organic by International Certification Services, Inc., Medina, ND, U.S.A.    

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