Emergen-C Hydration 18 Packets Lemon-Lime Twist Flavor Sports Drink Mix With C

Emergen-C Hydration 18 Packets Lemon-Lime Twist Flavor Sports Drink Mix With C

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Electrolyte Replenishment and GlucosamineNo Artificial Flavors or SweetenersAs much potassium as bananaFortifying Vitamin C     Hydrate and refresh with Emergen-C® Hydration+™ Sports Drink Mix! With 75% less sugar than the leading sports drink, every flavor of Emergen-C® Hydration+™ features key electrolytes to replenish you, Vitamin C to fortify you, and as much potassium as a banana.** Even more, Emergen-C® Hydration+™ is made with non-GMO ingredients. Emergen-C Hydration+ Lemon-Lime Twist delivers a citrus-y burst of key electrolytes and Vitamin C. Directions: Empty contents into 16-20 oz of water and stir. Ingredients: Fructose, Citric Acid, Monobasic Potassium Phosphate, Monobasic Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Carbonate, Monobasic Calcium Phosphate, Ascorbic Acid (Vit.C), Magnesium Carbonate, Maltodextrin. Contains <2% of: Acacia, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Hydroxide, Manganese Gluconate, Natural Flavor, Rebaudioside A (extracted and purified from natural stevia leaf), Sodium Chloride (salt).
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