Sami Direct Vitamin D3, 2000 Iu ,30 Tablets

Sami Direct Vitamin D3, 2000 Iu ,30 Tablets

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Vitamin D3 is manufactured by the body upon the skin’s exposure to sunlight. It can also be supplemented from dairy products, egg, fish, and meat. Vegans and vegetarians are at greater risk of suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption including strong teeth and bones. It also plays a vital role in overall health like an immune system, muscle function, cardiovascular function, brain development and overall neurological function.

Severe Vitamin D deficiency may sometimes cause a disorder in children called “rickets” and “osteomalacia” in adults. Both of these conditions result in thin and brittle

bones. Low and non-optimal values of Vitamin D have also been linked to many metabolic disorders. 

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