Sami Direct Toxiflush, 30 Capsules

Sami Direct Toxiflush, 30 Capsules

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Tags: Detox and Cleanse, HERBS/Condition Specific/Detox and Cleanse, ToxiFlush, VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS

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ToxiFlush is a unique and proprietary formula which aids in the removal of accumulated harmful substances such as heavy metals and environmental toxins which may exert a negative effect on human health.

Traditional cultural practices advocate periodic detoxification regimes to maintain optimal health. Holistic approaches, therefore, advocate the use of dietary interventions and supplements that facilitate detoxification.

There are two major approaches to the detoxification process:

• Oxidative stress occurs at the cellular level. A deficiency of antioxidant activity in the diet may cause difficulty in removing harmful toxins

• Detoxifying agents also “defuse” harmful toxins by transforming them to non-toxic state. In some cases, even beneficial molecules can be transformed by detoxifying agents.

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