Sami Direct Balck Seed 60 Veg Caps

Sami Direct Balck Seed 60 Veg Caps



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lack Seed is sourced from an annual herbaceous plant called Nigella sativa Linn. The Arabic name is Habbatus Sauda or Habbat Al-Barakah which means “seeds of blessing” or “miracle herb”.

Black Seed has been used to successfully keep people super healthy for over 3,300 years. It is one of the earliest cultivated plants in human history and one of the early providers of life. The seeds of blessing have been used by millions of people to treat various ailments for centuries in different parts of the world especially in the Middle East, Africa, Mediterranean, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and also in Europe.

Black Seed supports varied general health benefits

Anti-oxidant: Scavenges and neutralize free radicals. This limits the cellular damage and assists to maintain the health of tissues and organs.
Anti-inflammatory: Supports reduction in inflammation.
Cardio Protection: Prevents cardiotoxicity by decreasing oxidative stress, inflammatory markers in cardiac tissue.
Kidney Stones: Supports in the treatment of kidney stones.
Liver Protection: Exerts hepato-protective effect against liver carcinogens.
Antimicrobial Activity: Exhibits antimicrobial activity against multi-drug resistant pathogens.
Allergy: Effective adjuvant for the treatment of allergic diseases.
Diabetes: Effective adjuvant for type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
Blood Pressure Management: Significantly reduced systolic blood pressure.
Cholesterol Management: Beneficial for the treatment of hyperlipidemia.
Reproduction: Improves male fertility.

One (1) capsule twice a day after meals or as recommended by healthcare practitioner

Sami Direct’s Black Seed is 100% Black Cumin Seed Total Extract and is a unique combination of ingredients using solvent & Alcohol free 100% SCFC extraction process.

Black Cumin Seed Total Extract: Black Seed is sourced from an annual herbaceous plant called Nigella sativa Linn. The 100% total extract contains Thymoquinone, Thymohydroquinone and Hederagenin. Black seed is also very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. (essential fatty acids). The EFAs in Black Seed, consist of alpha-Linolenic acid (omega-3) and Linoleic acid (omega-6), which are the building blocks of cells and are substances that cannot be produced in the body, and thus must be taken in as supplements or through high-EFA foods.

Rosmarinic Acid: Sami Direct’s Black Seed is unique since it is formulated with Rosmarinic acid, which is a stabiliser to ensure that the product does not turn rancid

BioPerine® : BioPerine is obtained from the dried fruits of Piper nigrum (black pepper) and is standardized for Piperine. BioPerine has been used as a bioavailability enhancer for over 15 years. BioPerine may be co-administered with various nutrients to enhance their bioavailability. In general, BioPerine was found to enhance bioavailability of nutrients by at least 30%.

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