Flex Sports Wrist Wrap Glove Nil

Flex Sports Wrist Wrap Glove Nil

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Flexsports POWER-WRIST Wrist Wrap Leather Sports Gloves offer support and stability to the wrist while providing added grip and comfort for a variety of activities; additionally, they help in the prevention calluses. Flexsports POWER-WRIST Wrist Wrap Leather Sports Gloves are constructed with a half finger design and have padding throughout the palm and finger areas and there is no stitching across the callous line. The glove has incorporated an elastic wrist wrap to support the entire wrist area. In addition, this glove has a dual closure fastening system (small tab closures for the glove and elastic wrap for the wrist). All features contribute to the support, comfort, mobility, and durability of the glove.

Flexsports uses the finest whole piece top-grain leather available in the construction of the POWER-WRIST Wrist Wrap Leather Sports Gloves. This high-quality leather is accompanied by form fitted spandex backing. Flexsports also uses elastic around the wrist area as well as large tab closures for convenience and comfort.

To apply: loosen both closures, insert hand into glove, fasten small closure, wrap wrist support around the wrist to desired compression and fasten closure.

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