Sci-Mx Nutrition Pro 2Go Duo Bars Strawberry & Cream Pack Of 12

Sci-Mx Nutrition Pro 2Go Duo Bars Strawberry & Cream Pack Of 12

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20g quality GRS-5® protein per bar 8-hour amino acid supply to muscles HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO FAST FOOD SUPPORTING A MUSCLE GAIN & FAT LOSS PROGRAMME Unique light, texture & 3 stunning flavors Protein Pick & Mix single sale items are old packaging only. Our high protein PRO 2GO® DUO BARS are one of our best sellers with an average user rating of 9.7/10 and a perfect 10/10 for taste! With 20g of protein in every 60g bar, these super soft, double-layered treats will fix your sweet craving and aid muscle growth and maintenance, a perfect excuse when your training! PRO 2GO® DUO BARS have been created specifically for those living an active lifestyle. We offer three flavour combinations to suit anyone’s taste: Caramel & Vanilla, Chocolate & Orange, and Strawberry & Cream. One of our customers raved that her favourite - Chocolate & Orange - “Tastes like a treat! I'm a chocoholic and this does satisfy that chocolate need, with less guilt as I know I'm eating protein!! No matter which tasty flavour combo you choose, these high protein snacks are easy to pack away and eat on-the-go anywhere. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PRO 2GO® DUO BARS? Just one PRO 2GO® DUO BAR will provide you with 20g of protein from a blend of 6 proteins, giving them a fantastic amino acid profile. Protein is arguably the most important macronutrient which helps maintain muscle growth and maintenance when you’re training. WHO ARE PRO 2GO® DUO BARS SUITABLE FOR? PRO 2GO® DUO BARS are suitable for anyone seeking or maintaining an active lifestyle. Each bar is conveniently foil wrapped so you can carry them around with you ready when you are. Perfect as a high protein snack be it before or after training or between meals in a healthy diet plan.  Always remember that SCI-MX® Nutrition’s products are aimed to supplement a healthy and balanced diet and should not act as a meal replacement. WHY BUY PRO 2GO® DUO BARS? If your fitness or dietary goals need tasty high protein options as a treat, SCI-MX® PRO 2GO® DUO BARS should have a permanent spot in your gym bag, kitchen cupboard or desk at work. Delicious and perfect for just about anyone, we’re pleased to offer them in 3 different flavours and alongside so many of our other great tasting PRO 2GO® products. SUPPLEMENT FACT : NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION PER 100G PER 60G BAR Energy 1570kJ / 373kcal 942kJ / 224kcal Protein 33.7g 20.2g Carbohydrates 39.1g 23.5g      of which sugars 20.2g 12.1g Fat 11.8g 7.1g      of which saturates 6.4g 3.8g Fibre 0.1g 0g Salt 0.44g 0.26g   INFORMATION FOR VEGETARIANS & VEGANS Milk  Egg  Fish  Gelatine    Please note nutritional information is based on Strawberry & Cream flavour.
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