Gat Radical Mass 10Lb Chocolate Milkshake

Gat Radical Mass 10Lb Chocolate Milkshake

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Formula Advantages: 960 Nutrient Dense Calories Mixes Easily into a Smooth Shake 50 Grams of GAT MASS Triple Whey 3:1 Ratio of Carbs to Protein 177 Grams Carbs Description When you want to pack on real mass and muscle, look no further than GAT RADICAL MASS. GAT RADICAL MASS is a premium weight gainer delivering a HUGE 960 calories* and only 6 grams of fat per serving without sacrificing a deliciously rich milkshake flavor. Fortified with key nutrients and electrolytes in a 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio providing 50 grams of high-quality proteins from our own Triple-Whey Matrix. GAT RADICAL MASS is a perfect choice for helping to maximize glycogen synthesis for improved protein upload and recovery. GAT RADICAL MASS will help pack on size and solid muscle to improve your performance.* GAT RADICAL MASS: For real results gaining radical mass!   Suggested Use How to use:Shake – Mix three scoops of RADICAL MASS per 14 fl. oz of water or milk to a shaker cup, secure the top and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Blend – Mix three scoops of RADICAL MASS per 14 fl. oz of water or milk to a blender and mix. For a frosty shake, add a handful of ice cubes. When to take:Post-Training – After a workout, RADICAL MASS immediately starts repairing and building muscle. Between Meals - Drink RADICAL MASS between meals to maintain a positive nitrogen balance to put on lean body mass  

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