12 * Protein Pancake 45Gm Caramel

12 * Protein Pancake 45Gm Caramel

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  Nano a Protein Pancake - Caramel flavour (45g) Love pancakes? Love protein? Don't want to create a mess in the kitchen? Then check out this unique, protein-packed, chocolate-filled, soft & fluffy, low calorie, Chocolate Protein Pancake from Ä! Protein pancake mixes are not unusual in the Mix, but this first of it's kind, individually packaged, pre-made, protein pancake snack is something else entirely! Each delicious 45g pancake packs 16g of protein (and high quality Whey protein, at that!!) and comes in at a total of just...136 calories?! That's not even the best part, each freshly baked pancake is filled with a sweet creamy chocolate centre! On-the-go pancake snacking at it's best, and here we thought it was just a once a year thang! Well, the 'A' Team have really mixed up the protein snacking game, this is a must try folks! Why check out A Chocolate Protein Pancakes? - Comes in two delicious flavours - Chocolate and Vanilla- Packs 16g protein per 45g pancake- Just 136 calories - Individually packaged with none of the mess involved in making regular pancakes- Freshly baked- No added sugar   Ingredients & Nutritional Information: Ä Protein Pancake - Caramel Flavour   Per 45g Serving (1 pancake) Calories 136kcals Protein 16g Fat 2.3g - Of which saturates 0.5g Carbohydrate 13.1g - Sugars 2.8g Salt 0.12g
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